Design Portfolio

Avamere Health Services Staffing Advertisement

Kiernan | Thompson (Creative director: John Thompson)

Avamere Staffing advertisement

This advertisement was designed to be a one page magazine ad with intent to recruit new employees throughout each Avamere Health Services location. The thought process was simple: to display a happy image of employment at Avamere by utilizing a warm colored background, an image of a smiling employee and a rather intimate "personal" message from this employee. The personal message about the benefits of a career at Avamere enlarged on a nametag is a really powerful way to motivate perspective employees to apply for a position within the company that specializes in senior care and assisted living. The use of a confident and content older woman also works to promote a sense of the possible longevity of a career at Avamere.

Care Alternatives Advertisement

Kiernan | Thompson (Creative director: John Thompson - Co-design: Rachael Ritchie)

Care Alternatives advertisement

The Care Alternatives advertisement proved to be a tough challenge due to the fact that it was to be designed for hospice care. Since Care Alternatives hospice is a comprehensive program of medical care and emotional and spiritual support for patients facing life limiting illness and their families, the design had to be comforting and it really had to hit home. By using an inspiring quote about helping others and implying a photo album inspired design, we were able to devise a look that was touching and effective that would leave Clients feeling comfortable about trusting Care Alternatives with the lives of their loved ones. Combining vintage black and white photos with modern colored photos really pulled the look together, giving the perspective clients a feeling of nostalgia, warmth and comfort as if they were looking back on their own lives and happy times spent with family. There's nothing more comforting than looking back at an old family photo album.

Care Alternatives Logo & Stationary Set

Kiernan | Thompson (Creative director: John Thompson - Co-design: Rachael Ritchie)

Care Alternatives Logo Care Alternatives Stationary Set Up Close Care Alternatives Logo and Stationary Set

The goal of rebranding the Care Alternatives identity was to take their look and feel from a rather childish impression to a clear, solid and professional identity with marketing collateral and advertising to follow. The logo went through many different variations before finally ending at a four square pattern resembling an abstract butterfly or even a flower. At Kiernan | Thompson, we felt that the logo should resemble something beautiful and lively such as a butterfly or flower in attempt to convey the beauty of life. Although the inspiration for the logo was a butterfly, the final decision by the client on the overall look and feel of the logo and stationary was to keep the color scheme neutral in order to achieve a distinguished and professional look and feel for the Care Alternatives new brand identity. The color palette was to stay minimal in attempt to keep the look from resembling a day care center or children's hospital.

Criss Angel "Believe" Chocolate Packaging

Astor Chocolate Corp. (Creative director: Stacey Higgins)

Criss Angel 'Believe' Chocolate Packaging: Deluxe Chocolate Square Puzzle, Case and Truffle Cup Set With Edible Poppy Flower Transfer Criss Angel 'Believe' Chocolate Packaging

Criss Angel's live Cirque Du Soleil production "Believe" was perhaps one of the most interesting projects to arrive at Astor Chocolate's design studio. The intent of the original presentation was to display Astor Chocolate's packaging capabilities by showing Criss exactly what we were good at: Custom packaging. Since Astor Chocolate specialized in private label products, this project was one of the most fun projects to work on. Based on feedback from the client, the show was a very dark and deranged story filled with illusion and magic. Not much was described about the actual story other than poppy flowers appearing frequently. With very little information and very little time to come up with a presentation, the designs were actually very successful. Criss was most impressed with the idea of an edible poppy flower transfer pattern applied to the top of chocolate truffles. When all was said and done, the designed presentation did exactly what it was intended to do: display Astor Chocolate's ability to produce smart, effective and inexpensive custom packaging.

Westin Hotels & Resorts Snack Product Order Form

Astor Chocolate Corp. (Creative director: Steve Boldt)

Westin Hotels and Resorts Snack Product order form

Westin Hotels and Resorts has a very simple and pure look that goes along with energizing phrases to help their guests feel relaxed and energised while staying at the Hotel's properties. This order form was designed based on the official Westin Hotels and Resorts style guide. Everything from image placement, white space, fonts and logo treatment was considered and implied based on the style guide specs. The goal of the order form is to emulate the look and feel of the hotel in attempt to persuade each property to purchase Astor Chocolate products for their guest satisfaction. By utilizing some of the style guide's key phrasing, the chocolate and snacks seem like they would fit in perfectly with the hotel's style and practice.

Top of the Rock Salt Water Taffy Box & Snack Bags

Astor Chocolate Corp. (Creative director: Stacey Higgins)

Top of the Rock Salt Water Taffy Box Top of the Rock Snack Bagsx

Although chocolate is the most popular product purchased at Astor Chocolate, the company also generates sales from other snacks such as salt water taffy. These particular pieces were designed exclusively for the gift shop at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck at Rockefeller Center. Having been supplied with the famous image of construction workers having lunch on a steel beam over New York City, the design direction was obvious. The idea was to give the custom artwork a vintage look while also achieving a souvenir feel. Applying texture and toning down the colors while incorporating a combination of old styled fonts really helped complete this set and to ensure the client's satisfaction. The Client particularly liked the idea of the post card with facts about the building's history in addition to the stylized photo of the New York City skyline on the back of the taffy box.

Astor's Mexican Themed Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Astor Chocolate Corp. (Creative director: Stacey Higgins)

Mexico Themed Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Designed for Astor Chocolate's Travel Retail division, these Mexican themed chocolate bar wrappers are sold at souvenir shops in or around popular tourist destinations in Mexico. As directed by the Travel Retail Marketing department, the design features a generous amount of photography consisting of popular tourist attractions from Mexican cities and culture. Utilizing a font that offers a heavy weight, it was easier to apply the photos in a more stylized technique rather than just layering them across the printable area of the wrapper leaving room for a textured background featuring inscriptions from old Mayan temples. Despite the original idea of applying gold foil to the stripes on the sides of each wrapper, the budget, unfortunately, did not allow for that. Although the finished product may seem a bit cliché, it has been proven to catch the eye of tourists, which ultimately leads to the final goal: bringing in sales.

Ciao Gourmet Markets Snack Product Order Form

Asto Chocolate Corp. (Creative director: Steve Boldt)

Ciao Gourmet Markets product order form cover

Not only does Astor Chocolate produce private label chocolate and snack packaging, but they also produce private label marketing collateral for their clients as well. This particular brochure was designed for Ciao Gourmet Market to help them market chocolate, snacks and snack merchandisers to small vendors such as snack shops and cafeterias. The look of this brochure was inspired by already designed chocolate and snack packaging made specifically for Ciao World Market. Also implied in the design is a cultural Italian market theme. The use of texture for the initial background along with the map pattern in the top red band add character and a cultural feel without distracting the viewer from the actual products. The background stone-like texture links the relation of the overall feel of the brochure to an older Italian city, specifically, the weathered texture on the wall of an old building.

Shear Madness Hair Designs Logo & Stationary Set

Freelance (Creative Director: Steve Boldt)

Shear Madness Hair Designs Logo Shear Madness Hair Designs Stationary Set Up Close Shear Madness Hair Designs Logo and Stationary Set

Shear Madness Hair Designs was a new hair salon with a majority of younger clients looking for a young, hip look that also had to convey professionalism. Wild and funky colors along with cliché scissors were immediately discarded in the original design process. When designing the logo, it seemed more logical to proceed with a solid typographic approach instead of an iconic imagery driven look. The result: a sleek, modern and trendy typographic logo with a minimal curve for an underline that could symbolize a strand of hair and a sophisticated yet feminine color palette. Although the client was impressed by the logo, she still wanted to see something more iconic which lead to a secondary design element featuring four iconic symbols. The four symbols consist of a lipstick casing, scissors, a hair dryer and a comb and are not featured as part of the logo, but a design element that is meant to liven the look of the brand and imply that the salon is a "full service" salon not only specializing in hairstyling. The icons will be separate design entities used for marketing collateral and advertising.

Grounds for Sculpture's Annual Storytelling Poster

Freelance (Co-design by: Rachael Ritchie)

Grounds for Sculpture Annual Storytelling Festival poster

The Grounds for Sculpture Annual Storytelling Poster opened up a vast amount of options for creativity. With the help of co-designer Rachael Ritchie, the design process became truly unique. The blue texture in the background was achieved by applying blue paint to a sheet of paper via squeegee. The blue texture was eventually scanned after drying and the result was a beat up and stained look similar to an old worn painting or scroll. The goal was to get viewers to feel like they were looking at an old mystical scroll that held powerful stories from another land or another time period. That is where the old style typefaces play a huge role. Along with the stylized caption bubble and hand drawings of mystical characters, the old style fonts and weathered background all work together to achieve a mystical scroll look and feel. After all, a good storyteller allows you to feel like you're really there witnessing the story. The poster and advertising should do the same.

"I Came as a Rat" Independent Movie Poster

Freelance (Creative Director: Steve Boldt)

I Came as a Rat Independent Movie poster

This is perhaps one of the most exciting and limitless projects in terms of design. "I Came as a Rat" was to be a personal independent film based on a song by the band Modest Mouse. Unfortunately, the film never made it to production, but luckily the poster did. In short, the story was about a man that has been around since the beginning of time who was responsible for all acts of God, whether good or bad. The man falls for a human girl who eventually betrays him causing him to destroy every star in the universe and life as we know it. Everyone was turned into rats, which is symbolized in the design of the poster. The hand dangling abstracted people and stars from its fingers implies a great deal of power and control along with the stylized image of the sun. It was important to draw attention to the sun since it is a star and a major factor in the story as the bringer of life. It also helps balance the composition of the poster by bringing the viewer's eye to the silhouetted rats at the bottom of the picture plane.

Bill Owens Five Logo & Album Package

Freelance (Creative Director: Steve Boldt)

Bill Owens Five Logo Bill Owens Five Logo and Album Package Bill Owens Five Logo and Album Package Front and Back

Bill Owens Five, currently known as "Rosewood Ghosts" is an up and coming band out of Hoboken, New Jersey. Their unique sound consists of indie rock mixed with classic rock with a generous touch of blues. In attempt to convey the band's musical style and feel, the album packaging produced for their debut album "Foundry Street" was a direct reflection of their music that seemed to emit a sense of love, loneliness, emptiness and a general feel of self-discovery. It was also a great opportunity to play around since the clients were very open-minded. They became immensely excited by the concept drawing of a seemingly abandoned town. Based on the raw sound of the band's music, it seemed fitting to add an old, scratchy texture and sepia toned color to the image of lonely buildings connected only by their underlying pipe work in a fading town similar to fading memories. The connection between the pipes and buildings relate to implied, but invisible or even nonexistent connections between the people and events that make up the album's music and lyrics.

Strito Logo, Application and Website

Freelance (Creative Director: Steve Boldt)

Strito Logo Strito application design: Two shots featuring application usage in map view and list view on Samsung Galaxy phone Strito website design featuring cityscape header with caption bubbles

Strito is an application that was built around discovering what's happening around you. Users are able to sign in and view a list or a map containing the locations of other users that are posting interesting events and activities. The application developers and the head of marketing at Strito were looking for a design that would be friendly and inviting. The Strito logo was the first phase of the project and set the course for the look and feel of everything to follow. We had decided that blue and orange would be a great combination of colors for the purpose of conveying a friendly attitude. The smile on the "S" represents a welcoming feeling and symbolizes a happy community. Eventually, "welcome to the 'here' community" became the application's tagline. The website and application were developed around the same idea of welcoming and friendliness by using the same blue and orange color combination. The color gray was also introduced to the design to help serve as a neutral background element so that the brighter orange and blue could lead the viewer's eye throughout the website and application. The idea of using a skyline with caption bubbles representing posts or activities was a more creative and interesting alternative to showing a map as the header. Although the overall design is important, function is just as critical when it comes to the Strito website. The website features the ability to download the application, a fully functional blog and a responsive design enabling the website to scale itself down to fit a mobile display.